Uluslararası Lisans


Undergraduate study at Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University

Application for international students to Undergraduate Programs for 2020-2021 academic year will be in June 2020.

  • Applications will be made on-line and the exact date will be announced on the university web page soon.
  • International students who have BAİBÜ-YÖS ( Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Entrance Examination for International Students) exam scores, or YÖS exam scores from other Turkish universities or students with high school avarage grade (GPA) higher than 50/100 can apply to undergraduate programs. YÖS scores must be at least 60 for Medical and Dentistry Schools, 50 for 4-year degree programs and 40 for 2-year vocational school programs.
  • Students who hold BAİBÜ-YÖS scores will have priority to be placed in undergraduate programs. Second priority will be given to those students with YÖS scores from other universities. Unallocated places will be given to those who have no exam scores but have high school diploma with avarage grade (GPA) higher than 50/100.
  • BAİBÜ-YÖS 2020 exam dates and places will be announced soon on university web page and applications will be made online.
  • BAİBÜ-YÖS 2020 Exam is a face to face multiple choice test and will be available either in Turkish, English, Russian or Arabic. This test consists of Basic Learning Skills and Mathematics questions. The Basic Learning Skills Test is designed to measure the abstract thinking abilities, basic knowledge and skills of the candidates. The Mathematics Test is designed to measure the mathematical thinking and problem solving competency and abilities of the candidates and consists of mathematical questions on algebra, analysis and geometry.
  • During the application students can choose up to 3 programs offered by BAİBÜ listed below.


Bechelor’s Degree (First Cycle) Programs

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

Field Crops

Plant Protection

Poultry Science


Seed Science and Technology

Faculty of Architecture


Faculty of Arts and Sciences




Turkish Language and Literature

Physcis (English)

Chemistry (English)

Biology (English)

Mathematics (English)

Faculty of Communication


Public Relations and Publicity

Radio TV and Cinema

Faculty of Dentistry


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences



Business Administration

Public Administration

International Relations

Faculty of Education

Primary Education

Science Education

Social Studies Education

Mathematics Education

Preschool Education

Turkish Language Education

English Language Education

Education of Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Computer Education and Instructional Technologies

Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Arts and Crafts Education

Music Education

Faculty of Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Food Engineering

Faculty of Fine Arts



Traditional Turkish Arts

Faculty of Health Sciences


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Faculty of Medicine


Faculty of Sports Sciences

         Physical Education and Sports Teaching

Coaching Education

Sports Management

Faculty of Theology


Faculty of Tourism

Tourism Management

Tourism Guidance

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Gerede Applied Sciences School

Banking and Finance


International Business and Logistics

School of Foreign Languages

Translation and Interpreting


Associate Degree (Short Cycle) Programs

Bolu Vocational School

Business Administration

Banking and Insurance

Tourism and Hotel Management

Accounting and Tax Applications

Cooperative Business

Bolu Vocational School of Technical Sciences

Automotive Technology

Computer Programming


Electronic Technology

Landscape and Ornamental Plants

Interior Design

Graphic Design

Textile Technology

Mehmet Tanrıkulu Health Services Vocational School

Medical Imaging Techniques

Medical Documentation and Secretarial

Mouth and Dental Health

Child Development

Gerede Vocational School

Leather Technology

Machine - Painting - Construction

Chemical Technology

Automotive Technology

Business Administration

Computer Programming

Accounting and Tax Applications

Textile Technology

Shoe Design and Production

Fashion Design

Postal Services

Mengen Vocational School

Culinary Arts

Mudurnu Süreyya Astarcı Vocational School

Poultry Science

Business Administration

Organic Farming

Tourism and Hotel Management

Architectural Restoration

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Forestry and Forest Products

Laboratory and Veterinary Assistance Services

Yeniçağ Yaşar Çelik Vocational School

Construction Technology


Foreign Trade

Food Quality Control and Analysis

Seben Vocational School


Social Services

Social Security

Occupational Health and Safety