• Dursun ÖZCAN

    Secretary General

  • İsmail Temel

    İsmail TEMEL

    Vice Secretary General

Duties and Responsibiliies of the General Secretariat

  • To ensure the regular and harmonious functioning of units and efficient organization of the university administration. To also ensure deliverance of their duties with the resolutions of the board and senate and within the framework of policies drawn and the provision of laws and regulations specified.
  • To act as the Secretary without the act of vote at the Executive Board and  Senate, ensuring the writing, saving and keeping of the decisions taken by these Boards.
  • To forward the decisions of the Executive Board and Senate to the units affiliated to the University.
  • To carry out all the bureaucratic and administrative services to the University through other units and directorates which are connected to it.
  • To ensure efficient, regular and harmonious running of the University units in the administrative organization.
  • To make recommendations to the Rector about the staff who will be employed for the University administrative organization.
  • To establish a team of staff to carry out administrative tasks in order to reach the goals and missions of the University.
  • To organize, supervise and ensure activities of the units affiliated to the Secretary General.
  • To be in constant coordination with the Deputy Secretary General to prevent the disruption of administrative services.
  • To use the signing authority for the correspondence of the University and delegate this authority to the Deputy when needed.
  • To make the necessary preperations for the agenda of the Board and the Senate.
  • To represent University in public institutions such as the Ministery, Governership, Municipality.
  • To carry out the work for the University’s annual budget and coordinate Directorates about it.
  • To carry out, monitor and finalize the decisions of the Executive Board and Senate.
  • To have periodic meetings and exchange views with Deputy Secretary General and Directorates.
  • To organize the protocol and ceremonial visits of the Rector with Press and Public Relations.
  • To perform other duties that the Executive Board, Senate and Rector will draw out under the Law, Rules and Regulations.