BAIBU Emblem
  • At first sight is seen a symbol consisting of three semi-and one quarter circle surrounding the light source in the middle. When looked at more carefully, a human figure from the waist to the top (the head looks like sun, a WISE MAN with arms open like wings) will be seen.
  • The sun-head represents wisdom and dissemination of knowledge; arms looking up symbolize improvement, power, trust and protection. Having more than two arms represents embracing a large mass and great number of the subjects covered.
  • Obstruction below caused by semicircles is eased by using quarter circle. The quarter circle abates monotony by eliminating the symmetry in general view of the symbol.
  • Removal of the upper part of the symbol seeks to create a wide atmosphere with no obstacles, free mind, independence and reaching eternity.
  • As known, Bolu recurs to the mind two colours; green and blue so these colours are used. One of the colours is used for the font and the other for the emblem. The reason for preferring a single colour in the emblem is to avoid possible ghost colour image in printing.