Student Dormitories

Except for the dormitories of National Credit and Dormitories Institute, University dormitories on Gölköy Campus consist of 2 buildings-4 blocks. 753 girls, 338 boys totally 1091 students stay in university dormitories.

Every year, there is empty quota for approximately 150 beds. When the quota gets full, applications aren’t closed. The students who are fill-in list are recorded during academic year when the place becomes empty.


Our regional directorate which is one of the 20 regional directorate of Higher Education General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency was founded on 02.01.1998. 

These are state dormitories. The regional office carries out its activities with its 13 dorm management and 4 branch offices in accordance with the Foundation Law no 351...

Contact Info:

Address:Kültür Mahallesi Öksüz Tekke Sokak No:5 Bolu

Tel:0 374 270 36 38-39

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The facility, affiliated to Office of Health, Culture and Sport of AIBU, serves the academic staff and guests with 57 rooms, 54 standard and 3 suits, a restaurant with a capacity of 120 people and a meeting hall. On the entrance floor of the four-floor facility are restaurant, reception, lobby and meeting hall and on other floors are rooms.

The facility surrounded by natural beauties of the campus area serves 7 days 24 hours with an understanding of serving without compromising cleanness, quality and service morality.

Please contact us at +90 374 253 40 20 for more information and reservation.

Aminities: Wireless internet, 24h hot water and D-smart sattelite TV.

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